Thursday, August 6, 2015

This morning we rode the golf cart to San Pedro High School to provide professional development for a group of teachers.  This setting was a bit different than the last…. concrete floor, open windows, desks with attached chairs, and a chalkboard.  It made me think about my elementary school as a child, a little old, a little worn, but well loved.  One thing remained the same from our last PD experience, the teachers were really friendly and receptive to new information.  Each time we work with people in this country, it’s obvious they enjoy learning new things, love their country, and are appreciative of us. 

Today, we did one thing differently than in Belize City, we had the teachers make name tags to hang on their desks.  This served as a point of reference for us and enabled us to call the teachers by name, making the PD personal.  I worked with Karen presenting engaging strategies in the classroom to involve students and I believe the majority of what we shared today was new information for them.  It can be difficult if the presentation material is redundant.  This group seemed engaged and wrote down many of the ideas we gave them.  This has been a great opportunity for me as an educator and is something I’d love to do again.  It gave me the opportunity to "teach" again.

On the ride home we were able to swing by the tortilla drive thru and grab a stack of corn tortillas for $2 Bz.  They were still warm.  We need one of those in Swansboro.

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