Monday, August 10, 2015

Sushi and Golf Cart Shenanigans

It's almost time to go home and we're just getting the lay of the land.  I will miss our daily walk to "Melt" for breakfast and seeing Janie, the 19 year old cat that greets us.  The male and female iguana that reside on the upper deck of the restaurant will probably wonder what happened to us... or not.  They seem self-absorbed.  Janie will definitely notice.

I also feel like our life revolves around food.  Where will we eat lunch? Dinner? Did anyone find a new spot we need to visit?  We've waited all week to eat sushi at the Bluewater Grill and it was worth the wait.  There couldn't be a prettier spot to sit and soak up the salt air, enjoying our last few days on the island.  We also have come to know that it will take a while to get served and for the waitress to bring our checks, but that's okay.  I think we've slowed down a bit during this adventure and come to realize that it's not important how fast we move, but what we can learn along the way.

While we're speaking of fun times on the island, I must mention the golf cart....

In a 24 hour period I managed to be involved in a small front-end collision, lose my headlight (but the cart behind us picked it up), get stopped at a license check, be asked to move since I was parked in a "no parking zone" (it always helps to read), and scare Daniel to death.. All in a day's work!

Until next time....

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